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Welcome to Green Couture Supply

Green Couture Supply (GCS) is a top-quality supplier of reclaimed apparel, accessories, and specialty items at wholesale prices. Our commitment is to foster the shift in consumer thinking to conservation and sustainability (green) as a means of expanding and updating one’s wardrobe and resale business inventory.  


We help clients maximize the life cycle of great clothes, fashionable footwear, and stylish trimmings at low prices for resale or direct use. Our rigorous inspections, high reusability standards, and pristine inventory are second to none for individual shoppers, non-profits, theater groups, relief organizations, entertainers, wardrobe stylists, event planners, estate specialists, and small businesses.


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high fashion and

stylish trimmings.

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Our Mission



sustainability via recycle, resale, repurpose, and reuse.



we specialize in

wholesale resale pricing. 

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Beyond Labels

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Our GCS supply chain regularly includes exquisite designer labels however, we reject the notion of exclusively sourcing high-end items at high-end prices.  While labels are significant, sought after, and welcomed at GCS, we believe every day wear is a priority too.


Our diverse inventory celebrates looser fits, traditional looks, pointed-toe shoes, and classic collars right along-side exclusive ensembles and classic rare finds with no minimum purchase requirements. 



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