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About Us

Green Couture Supply (GCS) was founded in 2012 by a decorated, African American female veteran of the United States Air Force, turned award-winning consignment shop owner and environmental justice advocate. Today, we have a modest and experienced procurement team dispersed over four states and dedicated to sourcing some of the best quality items available. 


Our Ann Arbor, Michigan-based operation was created as a business-to-business model (B2B) to provide resale and consignment shop owners a consistent and trusted source of quality inventory at wholesale prices, with guaranteed profit margins. 


Over time, the rapid and exciting growth taking place in the secondhand industry (upcycle, recycle, ethical clothing, circular, and sustainable fashion) met the Covid-19 pandemic, along with newly changed concepts of the workplace. That has meant GCS implementing bold transformations in our business model while retaining our reputation for being home to the $25 or less resale.  


Although GCS is not open to the general public, we are thrilled to expand our online presence in 2022.  Having our processing and distribution center located in Detroit, Michigan, and our established procurement hubs spread across the country, we are also focused on maintaining our loyal base of support, introducing our new GCS Boutique, and accommodating the growing chorus of individual consumers looking for quality, reclaimed apparel, and specialty items at the wholesale prices once reserved for our business clients. 


The GCS team is also happy about the international and national public policy spotlight being shined on environmental justice along with climate change and our nation's water, air, infrastructure, and habitats. We embrace the opportunity to help value-conscious consumers reduce pointless waste, maintain a great wardrobe, and move from a disposable mindset to a more mindful, recycling one.  

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Our small but seasoned team brandishes broad experience selecting, arranging, and assembling the best reclaimed items available, from state to state. Our procurement hubs and network of suppliers has been curated over thirty-years and continues to evolve over time.  Each team member places a premium on going the extra mile to ensure our GCS commitment to carefully curated fashion, high quality, and great style for each client while keeping the supply chain moving.

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